Monday, August 24, 2015

Newcomer Debut - Stacy Luik

Arriving at the SL Porn beach party last Saturday, I found a big crowd dancing away to the hypnotic sounds provided by DJ Zoey. I hopped onto the dance ball and started right in with greetings and looking around, some IM conversations and the usual party stuff.

As my gaze swung around I saw right beside me someone new. Stacy Luik had hopped onto the group dance as well. We had a little chat and she was very sweet.  I learned she was new to porn and I offered to help her get started a bit. As I gave her some pointers about how to meet people and learn who we all are and how to get going with her own Flickr account she was quite enthusiastic.

Stacy opened a Flickr page of her own right there and then. I offered to shoot a photo set and she was happy to accept. See now the results of that happenstance meeting and I'm sure you'll agree that Stacy has a future here in porn if she wants to pursue it - and she tells me that she does!

(Photographers and directors please note: Stacy was a very good model, always in the moment and very attentive, quick to change poses or clothing or whatever I asked of her.)

*     *     *

I invited Stacy to my home the next day. We relaxed at the little Tiki bar where we sipped champagne and talked about how to proceed with her shoot.

Between the champagne and the warm sun it wasn't long before Stacy was in a mood to pose and the tree swing in the backyard was the perfect spot to begin. As the shadows grew long and the sun began to set, I suggested we retire to the castle where there were some good spots for her to pose for a few more photos.

Once inside, we lounged in the study where I captured this lovely pic showing off Stacy's soft and sweet side. She was curious about the rest of the castle. I smiled and suggested we could check out the lowest level if she was feeling a little adventurous. "You mean brave?" she asked, and I led the way down.

Wide-eyed, Stacy learned that the lower level of the castle is really a dungeon with a wide assortment of what she called playthings. It seemed that she had left her RLV active and I just couldn't resist as Stacy quickly became a plaything herself. I think this is a nice picture to remember the visit by.

Let's say that as the evening progressed the photo shoot wound down and the visit wound up. This is the last photo that I captured that night. And Stacy needn't have worried at all. As my guest she was bound for a good time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mile High - Sneak Preview

Hello porn fans and welcome to this behind the scenes look at the new upcoming film from Miss Emily's Studio: The Mile High Club!  Including a virtual potpourri of hot porn stars, the theme is, well, sex in an airplane.  A fun short due for release soon.  In the meantime have a peek at the candid shots I snagged while on the set during filming..