Sunday, January 29, 2017


I love blonde jokes!  So send me your favorites via NoteCard inworld and I'll try to post the best of them.

Jokes and photo by me ♥  -Ali

Blonde Jokes of the Month

  Blonde Debt
   Two blondes are walking down a dark alley when a mugger approaches them and demands their money.  They both grudgingly open their purses and begin taking out their cash.  Just then, one blonde turns to the other, hands her a bill, and says, "Hey, here's that $20 I owe you."

Blonde Confession
   A man goes to confession and says to the priest, "Father, I have sinned. I slept with five blonde women last night."  The priest says, "Go home, squeeze five lemons into a cup, and drink it really fast."  The man asks, "Will that absolve me of all my sins?"  The priest says, "No. But it will wipe that smirk off your face."

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nude World Tour 2016 ∙ Stop No. 11

  Continuing the Nude World Tour!  I'll visit different places in Second Life and snap nude photos to share with you along with a little description and maybe sometimes an anecdote if something hot or fun happens on the tour.  Please enjoy!

Stop No. 11 on the tour ∙ Missing Mile Dark Rural Community (Moderate):

  Missing Mile is a full estate sim in Second Life with a Moderate rating.  Designed for Role Play, one must join the World of Soap group to rez objects and to select roles.  There are plenty of people to play with as the group has more than 1,100 members.  This group covers both the Missing Mile and City of Wormwood Urban Campus RP sims.

Missing Mile is a delicious build of dark, worn out streets in a half-broken low rent community populated by deranged individuals.  Train tracks run the center of town with a tunnel on either end of the 'mile'.  Containing a high school, sheriff's department, prison, hospital, flop houses a waffle house and many more interesting locations, Missing Mile offers a RP rich environment for those seeking a relaxed and fun time.

There are rules and role play guidelines and many roles to choose from.

Note to photographers: If you have not seen this sim, check it out.  There are so many different possibilities for shooting creative images.  I have done many shoots at MM as both photographer and as a model and I have loved all the photos from the shoots - like the one above that I just shot for this post ;)

World of Soap RPG/Missing Mile Group Page:

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nude World Tour 2016 ∙ Stop No. 10

  Continuing the Nude World Tour!  I'll visit different places in Second Life and snap nude photos to share with you along with a little description and maybe sometimes an anecdote if something hot or fun happens on the tour.  Please enjoy!

Stop No. 10 on the tour ∙ Surfers Bay (Adult):

   Surfers Bay is the ideal beach spot for those looking for sun, fun, sex, parties, friends and good times.  An Adult rated full estate sim co-owned by Rikki Sixx and Duncan Blackburn, SB boasts a variety of entertaining and relaxing things to do.  Including surfing,  jet ski, cliff diving, hang gliding, and there is a sunken ship out back you can dive on. They have kayaks and even a bowling lane in the cave pub.

There are several DJ events and the schedule is posted at the Landing Point entrance.  New events are planned to happen soon with games and fun contests.  Occasional, special live performer events spice things up even more.
There are two caves, one beneath the mountain with two entrances and another cave that is harder to find so that people have to explore to get to it.  Those couples who do find this cave discover a sweet place for private time.

Surfers Bay has just celebrated its one year anniversary and judging by the popularity of the place there will be many more celebrations.

This sim is for group members only.  There is a one-time join fee of L$250 for each member.  Adult human avatars only are allowed.  Summer/beach wear or nudity only, please.  Members can rez small objects like beach towels, surfboards, photo poses, etc.

Surfers Bay is fantastic for photography.  Many, many photos have been created there.  I have had quite a few shoots there myself.

Lots of great people, sunshine, parties and sexy stuff - what more could you need?  Check it out if you haven't already.  Recommended!

Surfers Bay Flickr Group Page:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Confidential Men: Chris Bearz

Chris Bearz was on my studio sim a short time ago to shoot a photo with Anyka and Mandy.  I saw him there and when he posted the photo (which was quite good, btw) I decided to invite him to interview for the blog's Confidential Men series.  He was happy to participate and we set up a time to meet.  I arrived at the studio that night not really having a plan.  I decided to just start and go with the flow, looking to produce a set of photos and some text revealing part of who Chris is to the viewers.  I sent a car around for Chris and wasted no time getting started upon his arrival..

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  Chris looked just really fine and fit and self assured and well, you know.. manly.  As I asked him to pose for his arrival shot and framed it up I thought to myself how hot it is to have a blog and a studio and a series like this..  *click*

*     *     *

  Inviting Chris into the Man Cave for a relaxed interview I noticed he was looking me over good.  I realized I was still wearing a lingerie set I'd used on a modeling shoot earlier in the evening.  When I asked if he minded, he replied, "Not at all. In fact I insist."  We got comfy on the Man Couch when it became clear I had no idea what to ask him for a first question.  He was warm and close and he smelled good.  Telling myself to take a breath and just say the first thing that popped into my head I blurted, "We could just fuck.."  *click*

*     *     *

  Chris enthusiastically agreed and we were off to a great start.  My bra and panties were somehow on the floor, Chris's face was somehow between my legs.. and writhing against his busy mouth I somehow took another photo..  *click*

*     *     *

  The best part of these interviews has always been the...SEX!  With our bodies afire and our minds numb with lust we entwined.. thrashed.. pumped.. squeezed.. pleased.. gave.. took..  Lucky for you I even managed another shot..  *click*

*     *     *

  One day I'll control myself and conduct a professional interview.  But once again I gave in and followed my body.  And late into that night, taking my breath away, Chris filled me with one big surprise after another..  *click*