Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Confidential Men: Bane W. Caedus

Bane and I had been trying to line things up for this shoot for a long time.  It was one thing or another putting us off until now finally I am happy to say we hooked up!  I invited Bane up to the studio for his interview and just have yourself a look at what happened next..

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 Bane arrived on the set for his interview looking dapper in pin stripes.  In fact, he's the first man to wear a suit for a Confidential Man session.  I told him so as I shot his arrival photo with a wink..  *click*

*     *     *

 Seated inside the Man Cave, Bane complimented my dress and told me he was pleased to be with me for the interview.  I knew I should stay on script and ask him my prepared interview questions, but I've always had a bit of trouble following rules - even my own rules.  And so, dropping any pretense to conduct a legit session, I decided to steer the meeting toward what I really wanted.  And I asked Bane if he'd like to see my new piano..  "Do you play?"  *click*

*     *     *

 Well, I showed Bane much more than my new piano.  In fact I showed him everything.  And it turned out that he does play.  He played the piano and me.. and he played well.  *click*

*     *     *
Oh, well..  Another interview lost to my shameless lust.  Though it made me really appreciate my new red piano.

And so it was that Bane and I played a sweet duet, deep into the long dark night..  *click*

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