Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Confidential Men: Damien Godard

Okay, let me tell you that this is a very special Confidential Men post.  My bestie and sister Brainy Slut, Anyka Aiséirí, who is an amazing photographic artist, sexyass model, film actress and set designer has now expanded her mighty horizons and completed her very first foray into moving pictures with her debut "Pony".  Starring Damien Godard and me, Anyka's new creation is a film that is part music video and part story with characters acting out roles along a plot line and oh, did I mention that it is Hot Hot Hot?  Both Damien and I are very proud to be a part of Anyka's awesome work.  This is also the first movie filmed at Confidential Studio in Second Life and wow, what a way to start.

For this installment of Confidential Men I invited Damien himself to the studio for an interview about his experience in the making of this scorching hot vid.  It had been quite distracting for me during the filming of our scenes together because even though I try to be the consummate professional on-set, let's face it, he's hot.  ..I know, right?  Once again I would have to restrain my attraction and well, lust, to be honest, for the sake of getting the best possible interview nailed.  And I knew it was going to be so hard!

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 Damien arrived at the studio late one night and as I quickly shot his arrival photo I was reminded of that feeling.. that zing!  I told myself to remain cool and treat it like one of the film scenes and just keep it professional..  *click*

*     *     *

 We took a seat in the Man Cave and I began by asking Damien which were his favorite scenes to film.  "Has to be the scenes on the car." he replied.  I followed up by asking which scenes on the car in particular did he rate as the best.  "I can show you," he said, his eyes barely visible behind those shades.  There was a pause as my tummy fluttered and the studio suddenly felt 20 degrees hotter.  "Would you like to go up to the set then?" I asked him.  His dark eyes never left mine, "You know I would..  and you?"  *click*  "Yes," I quipped and up we went to the garage set..

*     *     *

 I suppose it had to happen.  Damien explained that he had enjoyed all of the poses but the one when I was spreadeagled across the Mustang's hood and servicing him as he sat on a tool chest was specifically hot.  What's a horny girl to do?  I peeled off my dress to reenact this hot scene, but this time there was no film running, no director, no professional distractions and so I really let myself go with it.  There's really nothing quite like total abandon to one's pent up desires and longings and omg did I ever take advantage..  *click*

*     *     *

 I milked the moment for all it was worth.  Damien's squirming, twitching, pulsating and moaning inflamed my own hunger.  It was crazy hot, sprawled across the hood, exposing my needy cravings with such naked and lustful expression..  *click*

*     *     *

And just when Damien was on the verge of popping I stopped and suggested a pose that I had liked.  "Show me!" he growled, and of course I obliged.  Lowering myself into the saddle, the pressure between my hips nearly an unbearable pleasure, I began to ride..  and ride..  I rode that Pony all through the long night..  Over and over again until we both collapsed onto the Mustang's hood near dawn.  Spent and satisfied, Damien gave me a slow smile and said, "Good interview?"  Returning his smile I winked and whispered, "That's a wrap."  *click*

*     *     *

To view the movie on follow this link:

To view it in beautiful 1080 high definition go to Anyka's Google Drive here:

Monday, September 12, 2016

Nude World Tour 2016 ∙ Stop No. 5

  Continuing the Nude World Tour!  I'll visit different places in Second Life and snap nude photos to share with you along with a little description and maybe sometimes an anecdote if something hot or fun happens on the tour.  Please enjoy!

Stop No. 5 on the tour ∙ BlackCat's (Adult):

   BlackCat's, or Cats, as it's commonly known just turned six years old and I have been there since before Day One.  So this is a little more personal stop on the tour for me.  I first met the main owner James Stratten when he accompanied a friend of mine to my beach house one night.  We hung out chatting and having a nice visit.  It was then I learned of his plans to open a new club and I decided to go check it out the next day.  At the club, before the opening, I met the other owners Cat, Steffi and Conny.

At the opening I was the very first visitor and as it turned out much later I was also the 500,000th visitor.  There is a plaque there on the wall by the bar commemorating that fortuitous arrival for my manager shift that night. Yes, I work there and have also been adopted into the 'family' as James's two daughters' Auntie Ali.  We have since passed the millionth visitor mark.

The first Cat's location was on a parcel and the smallish club was a skybox set-up.  The theme was 'interracial and cuckolding' and it was an instant magnet for all kinds of interesting characters and situations.  I was quite naughty in that atmosphere and I was hardly alone.  We became known as a hot, anything goes destination and soon the club was packed nightly.  We've moved and expanded twice and we now reside on a full estate sim.  We have homes for rent as well as shops at the Landing Point, which is in the sky to help reduce club lag.  A quick TP down to the legendary club and visitors are right in the action.

We still have 800 to 1,000 actual visits per day and we restart the sim regularly to let the lag cleaning crew do its work.  The original theme remains but we have also become a 'scene' - a see and be seen place.  So we have all kinds of people visiting.  Come check us out if you haven't yet been to Cat's.  I'm there most nights.  It's a sexy hangout.  Who knows what might happen there.  Come see  ;)

BlackCat's SLurl: