Monday, February 29, 2016

Confidential Men: Igor Romanov

After the Big Debut with Mark Ivory I felt like, you know, I can really do this.  I mean I lost a little control there on the first interview but I felt like it was a learning experience and I could do better - stay focused and be more professional. So I looked around for a second man to invite to the Male Room and this time conduct myself with composure and maturity.  I selected Igor Romanov because I liked his photos and we had chatted before and he was interesting and easy to talk with.  He'd make a great interview.  I got my camera ready and called to invite him.  He was free and accepted the TP right away..

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Mark Ivory:

 The thing was.. when Igor arrived he was naked.  And.. he looked really good.  I asked him why he was nude and he said he was always nude.  Okay.  Hmm..  I doubled my resolve, determined to remain a professional adult blogger and complete this interview with no distractions.  I asked him to pose in front of the logo for his arrival shot..  *click*

 *     *     *

 We retired to the Male Room where we had a seat on the man couch.  I was proud that I had memorized all of my questions ahead of time.  I'd be able to do this interview with no notes or cheat cards.  As I formulated my first question, which was about Igor's introduction to the SL porn world, I suddenly could not pull my eyes away from his nakedness and confident body language.  Fighting the warmth that was overtaking me I struggled not to squirm but it was all to no avail.  I felt my professional resolve melting rapidly away once again..  *click*

 *     *     *

 There was nothing I could do to stop it - I just had to feel his nakedness against my own bare flesh.  I'm sorry to report that I then stood and stripped off my dress, leaving it crumpled on the floor.  Nude, I turned and climbed back onto the couch and onto Igor, thinking there will be other interviews after all..  *click*

 *     *     *

Igor stayed for hours that night.  I lost track of time..  space..  reason..  But wow, what an interview this turned out to be.  Excusing myself for the little slip in protocol, I resigned myself to just go with it and thoroughly enjoy this one visit.  There was time enough to straighten out my priorities for the next interview.  For that one night I let go and just pleased Igor as he pleased me..  over and over.. and over again.  But next time - totally professional..  *click*

*     *     *

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Brainy Sluts: Coco Baran

I have a Second Life group for my slutty girl friends and myself that I named 'Brainy Sluts'.  We use the group to hang out, chat, share shopping and avatar improvement tips, pass along photo and film shoot leads, talk about sexy things, discuss men - and women, to plan our own shoots and to support each other in many many ways.  Then there is the secret stuff that I won't tell here because..  it's secret.   ;)

We are also all great friends and very close.  I want to pay tribute to these amazing ladies and so I'm running a photo series for them here on the Confidential blog.  Please enjoy each of the Brainy Sluts as they appear one by one on these pages.

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And now, we continue with Coco Baran!

Student Bunny Coco

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I love blonde jokes!  So send me your favorites via NoteCard inworld and I'll try to post the best of them.
 Blonde Joke submitted by Moonie Quasimodo, Photo by Ryu Quasimodo

Blonde Joke of the Week

A dumb blonde was really tired of being made fun of.  She decided to dye her hair so she would look like a brunette.  Once she had finished and her hair was brown, she went for a drive in the country.

After she had been driving for awhile, she saw a farmer and a flock of sheep and thought, "Oh! Those sheep are so adorable!"

She got out of the car, walked over to the farmer and said, "If I can guess how many sheep you have, can I take one home?"

The farmer, being a bit of a gambler himself, said she could have a try.

The blonde looked at the flock and guessed, "157."

The farmer was amazed - she was right! So the blonde, (who looked like a brunette), picked one out and got back into her car.

Before she drove away the farmer walked up to her and asked, "If I can guess the real color of your hair, can I have my dog back?"