Monday, February 29, 2016

Confidential Men: Igor Romanov

After the Big Debut with Mark Ivory I felt like, you know, I can really do this.  I mean I lost a little control there on the first interview but I felt like it was a learning experience and I could do better - stay focused and be more professional. So I looked around for a second man to invite to the Male Room and this time conduct myself with composure and maturity.  I selected Igor Romanov because I liked his photos and we had chatted before and he was interesting and easy to talk with.  He'd make a great interview.  I got my camera ready and called to invite him.  He was free and accepted the TP right away..

Previously published Confidential Men:
Mark Ivory:

 The thing was.. when Igor arrived he was naked.  And.. he looked really good.  I asked him why he was nude and he said he was always nude.  Okay.  Hmm..  I doubled my resolve, determined to remain a professional adult blogger and complete this interview with no distractions.  I asked him to pose in front of the logo for his arrival shot..  *click*

 *     *     *

 We retired to the Male Room where we had a seat on the man couch.  I was proud that I had memorized all of my questions ahead of time.  I'd be able to do this interview with no notes or cheat cards.  As I formulated my first question, which was about Igor's introduction to the SL porn world, I suddenly could not pull my eyes away from his nakedness and confident body language.  Fighting the warmth that was overtaking me I struggled not to squirm but it was all to no avail.  I felt my professional resolve melting rapidly away once again..  *click*

 *     *     *

 There was nothing I could do to stop it - I just had to feel his nakedness against my own bare flesh.  I'm sorry to report that I then stood and stripped off my dress, leaving it crumpled on the floor.  Nude, I turned and climbed back onto the couch and onto Igor, thinking there will be other interviews after all..  *click*

 *     *     *

Igor stayed for hours that night.  I lost track of time..  space..  reason..  But wow, what an interview this turned out to be.  Excusing myself for the little slip in protocol, I resigned myself to just go with it and thoroughly enjoy this one visit.  There was time enough to straighten out my priorities for the next interview.  For that one night I let go and just pleased Igor as he pleased me..  over and over.. and over again.  But next time - totally professional..  *click*

*     *     *