Sunday, March 29, 2015

Office Visit

Following our successful visit at my beach house, hot new pornstar Adele Simondsen dropped by my office a few days later to discuss her career.  I offered to help her and then I showed her a few things she'll need to know.. and let me tell you, her dedication really impressed me.  Well, of course I had my camera with me and I captured our little office visit.

I'm in a sharing mood, so...enjoy!  ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

~ Party Girl ~

I go to parties!  I love them!  And I snapped a buncha candids at the last few parties I attended..  DJ Yana's Club Erotique Sunday party, Miss Emily's Wednesday club party at Porn*Stars Nightclub and Pinkiepie's Tuesday bash at OceanHaven Club.  I've shared a few of the photos here and you can see all of them at the Sexiest Pornstars blog.  Enjoy!!

 Hot newcomer Adele Simondsen arrives ready for anything..  ^^

 Rachel Avro manages to simmer even while in the cool of the pool..

 DJ Yana - always the first nude at any party  :)

 Cream Release asks, "Topless, right?"

 Miss Emily sizzled as the host (and DJ Zoey wasn't really disabled..  she rocked it!)

Pretty People at Pinkiepie's Party!

To see all of the party pics click that >>  CLICK ME, SILLY!

Monday, March 9, 2015

**Party Page**

It's an exciting time with the different awards ceremonies and associated parties.  There have been so many parties it's hard to keep up.  But not to be lost in the madness here are some snaps from last month.  We hit some great parties and snagged lots of candid photos for your eye balling pleasure.  From the very hot PornStars Awards Plaza to the way cool Retroville Sc-Fi bash at Hard Alley Sim, and winding up at a Club Erotique Friday Soiree it was a wall to wall blast!  Just see the pics!

Lots more coming up  :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beach Party Report!

So I went on Saturday to the Porn Stars Beach Party with the full intent to just relax and dance and visit - No Work!

But, you know, Margie just looked so Hot dancing in that cage and Kat was there and I had never snapped a candid of her before and then that famous porn star Graham arrived and..  well, out came my cam and..


The first Sexy One I shot was my sister Hottie, Margie Blanco.  She was so damned alluring in that dance cage I just had to make a full set for you all to enjoy..

We give Margie a SIZZLE rating on the Caged Heat chart!

*  *  *  *  *

Well, before I knew it I was in full PS∙Confidential mode and snapping pics as though I had a feature to post - and now I do!  Have a long look for yourself at the rest of the eye candy I encountered at the beach..

 **FLASH** .. Found Out: Cream Release now has FUR!  (See close-up below for full verification)..

 Fast rising star, Cream Release, proudly sports her new red fur strip.  Go Cream!

 Mistress of the beach and our sexyhot party host, Miss Emily tries to cool down her high heat in the new pool.  It might take a few leashed pets at the after-party to finally cool her off, but I'd never tell  ;)

 Big Porn Star Graham Collinson dashed in to check out the porn kittens.
Maybe for a new upcoming hardcore shoot?  We wonder..

 GOTCHA!  ..Finally snagged a candid of the Everywhere Girl herself - Kat Kassner!

 Smoking hot DJ James Wolfgang rocked the house with his magical mix of tunes and even injected the Estrogenic! Dance Troupe with some vitamin T and his Testosteronic huddle dance moves!

 How hot did it get?  Fix your peepers on this combo - Shae Bellambi and Racheal Rexen scorching the beach with their molten hot sexybeautiful bodies and yes, you should have been there!

 LauraSpain could melt popsicles just standing there..  and we believe she did!

Don't miss the next Saturday beach party so we can have all this sexy fun with you!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Getting a Leg Up in Porn

This post is for people new to Second Life porn or for those who find getting started or getting ahead challenging.  It's just my little story about how things went for me getting started and maybe it will help some of you  :)

In no way does this piece intend to suggest that doing an interview automatically leads to a starring film role or awards nominations.  Do not expect that to happen to you just because it happened to me.  If there are 200 successful people in porn then there are 200 paths to success.  I hope you create your own and succeed!


I first came into the Second Life porn world by accident.. I mean I didn't plan it and mount an assault to join and climb the porn ladder.

I had worked in the adult side of SL since shortly after I joined, first pole and lap dancing to earn money.  I then moved quickly into hosting club and private group events and owning my own clubs.  Along the way I was asked to promote and host events at Sensations Mansion, a beautiful sim owned by Evinae Quivers, a successful porn star, film maker, studio owner and a Hoobs Hottie.  Most of our visitors at the Mansion were porn people and I got to know many of them, befriending some who remain good friends of mine to this day.

It was a short leap to actively join the porn community as a model.  My first brilliant move was to just hope that someone would want to take a picture of me and publish it somewhere.  Beyond that I dreamed of getting a small part in a film in maybe my second year.  I knew from having been around the scene that it wasn't just an easy thing to get started and I braced for a long struggle.

I joined the two bigger groups that I saw, * SL PORN * and The Sexiest : Pornstars.  Watching the group chats and the group notices to learn who was who and to see what people were publishing.  I also learned when and where the parties were held.  I started going to parties and joining the local chat, dancing, catching up with old friends and making new friends.. and having fun!

I already had an empty Flickr account that I had created just to view other people's photos.  I needed photos!  *Gasp!*  Lucky for me I had promoted all those adult events in the past, because for each notice I had sent, I attached a sexy pic of myself dressed in the event themes.  I just used those photos to get my Flickr page started.  They were amateur selfies really, but they were good enough to get my Flickr on the map.

The porn blogs have pages devoted to how to start out in porn and I read those and followed them like a road map.  You can see them here:

Soon enough some photographers asked me to pose and I started getting followers on Flickr.  I also followed all the people I met and faved the pics that I liked and made comments on Flickr photos and in group chats when I saw nice pics, complimenting the artists and models.  People started faving and commenting on my photos and modeling pics and gosh dammit, this was getting to be fun!

A rite of passage here in porn is Emily's interview.  Many choose to join porn and go right for the interview.  I was putting it off, trying to build up some kind of little porn history to talk about at my own interview.  Emily fixed all that one day by IMing me and saying 'Your interview is tonight if you can make it."  Well I had no porn experience to tout so I decided I'd just have to do the best interview I could without any real experience.

With that thought in mind I cheated a bit and prepared my answers to the interview questions ahead of time.  I wrote them on a NC and pasted them when Emily asked me the questions.  Well, not even half-way through, she busted me.  Suddenly she was Miss Emily, my high school English teacher in mid-length skirt, white button down shirt, tie and glasses, with her hair in a severe bun, catching me cheating on a test..  "Ali, did you write your replies ahead of time?"


"Yes," I quipped.

She didn't even kill me or anything, which I was relieved about.  And the truly funny thing about all of this is that shortly after, she cast me in a starring role in a movie and had me play the opposite role - the Teacher!


For which I have been nominated for awards.  Oh, the irony!

The moral of that little story is: Don't sweat the porn interviews (and don't cheat).

Not everyone will become a big star here, but there is certainly room for everyone to succeed.  My best advice to those starting out is be nice to everyone, be on time for any photo and film shoots you may get, be prepared for your work, pay attention and don't be surfing the net, shopping on MP or afk during shoots, be polite and thank everyone for asking you to shoot.  Rinse, repeat  :)

And Break a Leg!

Thursday, March 5, 2015



This week's candid captures..

 Samantha Styles

 Lady Spellhunter

 Fawn Serenity

 Adele Simondsen

Estrogenic! Dance Troupe