Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beach Party Report!

So I went on Saturday to the Porn Stars Beach Party with the full intent to just relax and dance and visit - No Work!

But, you know, Margie just looked so Hot dancing in that cage and Kat was there and I had never snapped a candid of her before and then that famous porn star Graham arrived and..  well, out came my cam and..


The first Sexy One I shot was my sister Hottie, Margie Blanco.  She was so damned alluring in that dance cage I just had to make a full set for you all to enjoy..

We give Margie a SIZZLE rating on the Caged Heat chart!

*  *  *  *  *

Well, before I knew it I was in full PS∙Confidential mode and snapping pics as though I had a feature to post - and now I do!  Have a long look for yourself at the rest of the eye candy I encountered at the beach..

 **FLASH** .. Found Out: Cream Release now has FUR!  (See close-up below for full verification)..

 Fast rising star, Cream Release, proudly sports her new red fur strip.  Go Cream!

 Mistress of the beach and our sexyhot party host, Miss Emily tries to cool down her high heat in the new pool.  It might take a few leashed pets at the after-party to finally cool her off, but I'd never tell  ;)

 Big Porn Star Graham Collinson dashed in to check out the porn kittens.
Maybe for a new upcoming hardcore shoot?  We wonder..

 GOTCHA!  ..Finally snagged a candid of the Everywhere Girl herself - Kat Kassner!

 Smoking hot DJ James Wolfgang rocked the house with his magical mix of tunes and even injected the Estrogenic! Dance Troupe with some vitamin T and his Testosteronic huddle dance moves!

 How hot did it get?  Fix your peepers on this combo - Shae Bellambi and Racheal Rexen scorching the beach with their molten hot sexybeautiful bodies and yes, you should have been there!

 LauraSpain could melt popsicles just standing there..  and we believe she did!

Don't miss the next Saturday beach party so we can have all this sexy fun with you!!

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