Saturday, March 28, 2015

~ Party Girl ~

I go to parties!  I love them!  And I snapped a buncha candids at the last few parties I attended..  DJ Yana's Club Erotique Sunday party, Miss Emily's Wednesday club party at Porn*Stars Nightclub and Pinkiepie's Tuesday bash at OceanHaven Club.  I've shared a few of the photos here and you can see all of them at the Sexiest Pornstars blog.  Enjoy!!

 Hot newcomer Adele Simondsen arrives ready for anything..  ^^

 Rachel Avro manages to simmer even while in the cool of the pool..

 DJ Yana - always the first nude at any party  :)

 Cream Release asks, "Topless, right?"

 Miss Emily sizzled as the host (and DJ Zoey wasn't really disabled..  she rocked it!)

Pretty People at Pinkiepie's Party!

To see all of the party pics click that >>  CLICK ME, SILLY!

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