Friday, July 14, 2017

Blonding - 7/14/17

I love blonde jokes!  So send me your favorites via NoteCard inworld and I'll try to post the best of them.

Photo and joke by me ♥  -Ali

Blonde Joke of the Month

Wood Delivery
This is another real life story that just seems too good to pass up as the official joke..

 My girlfriend Loren and I were at home on a recent Sunday afternoon when the doorbell rang.  "I'll get it!" Lori called to me and so I went back to replying to my emails.  After a few minutes she came to find me.  She said, "You need to come see."  Off we went to the front door when what did I see standing there grinning from ear to ear but a gorgeous young man of about 30 or so with raven hair, the brightest blue eyes and a hard-to-miss strapping physique beneath his t-shirt and jeans.  "Ali, meet Sean," Loren bubbled.  Bear in mind that Loren and I are both blondes.  What happens next really did take place..

     Sean:  It's very nice to meet both of you ladies.  I'm here to deliver the wood.
     Loren:  That's sounds so good, Sean.  Ali, did you hear that?  Sean is here to deliver the wood.
     Ali:  My, that does sound good.  Do you have a lot of wood to deliver, Sean?
     Sean:  Yes, it's quite a bit, actually.
     Loren:  Wow, how much?
     Sean checks his paperwork:  Well, it's the largest load that I can deliver.
     Loren:  What do you think, Ali?  Can we take it in the back?
     Ali:  Oh, if it's that big it really should go in the back.
     Loren:  I agree.  A load that large.. you really need to put that in the back, Sean.
     Sean:  So you want all of it in the back?
     Ali:  Will it fit?
     Loren:  Too much wood in the back could be an issue.
     Sean:  I'll have a look around the other side, but I'm pretty sure I can squeeze it all in.
     Ali:  Well, don't let us stop you, Sean.
     Sean:  Oh, I wont.

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