Sunday, March 27, 2016

Confidential Men: Don Roodborst

My trusty camera at the ready, it was time for my fourth man in the series and I was dedicated this time to keeping myself in check and not giving in to my desires just because he's breathing and in my studio.  I had a good talk with myself that ended with: "I mean really, Ali - get some class!"  Don Roodborst came by the Male Room for his interview and I felt really good about this one.  I had even taken an online course that was all about staying in command in this kind of situation.  It was called "Women in Control" and it was free, but I thought it was really good and it gave me faith in myself.  And so it was that I began my fourth interview with the thought locked tightly in my mind: "I Am In Control"

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 Don arrived in casual attire, wearing jeans, sneakers and.. well, no shirt.  But that was OK because I was in charge this time and even though I was attracted to him I knew for certain that I would remain in control all the way through this interview.  Feeling empowered, I snapped Don's arrival shot in front of the series logo.. *click*

*     *     *

 I took a seat in my chair instead of at my usual spot on the couch, knowing this would help to show that I was in charge.  As I was about to ask Don my first interview question I had a thought.  This whole control thing was feeling great.  I was so confident and just so much in the moment that I ditched my scripted interview questions and I asked Don how he felt about a woman being in control.  It seemed the whole world stopped.  But Don surprised me by replying that he found women in control to be hot.  I had to agree because just then it got warm in the studio once again, as it always seems to do when I ask a man a question.. *click*

*     *     *

 The next thing I knew Don and I were both naked, him kneeling before me on the floor, as I explained to him that I would have to remain in charge all the way through this next phase of his interview.  He eagerly agreed to obey my interview rules and I instructed him in great detail just how we would proceed.  And it really was OK because I was staying in control after all, wasn't I?..  *click*

*     *     *

 It might seem that I had once again fallen into my lusty weakness and lowered myself to the level of hopeless interview slut but I remained on top the whole time.  I was in control and it felt amazingly hot.  It turned out that Don's interview lasted all the way through that long night.  And true to his word he maintained the critical balance by obeying my interview rules..  *click*

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