Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brainy Sluts: Sonrisa Seminario

I have a Second Life group for my slutty girl friends and myself that I named 'Brainy Sluts'.  We use the group to hang out, chat, share shopping and avatar improvement tips, pass along photo and film shoot leads, talk about sexy things, discuss men - and women, to plan our own shoots and to support each other in many many ways.  Then there is the secret stuff that I won't tell here because..  it's secret.   ;)

We are also all great friends and very close.  I want to pay tribute to these amazing ladies and so I'm running a photo series for them here on the Confidential blog.  Please enjoy each of the Brainy Sluts as they appear one by one on these pages.

Previously published:
Cream Release:
Chloe Cotton:
Adele Simondsen:
Coco Baran:

Today we introduce the newest member of Brainy Sluts, Sonrisa Seminario.  Son has been my best friend and sister in SL for nearly six years now and we are happy to welcome her!  :)

And now, we continue with Son Seminario!

Professor Sonrisa

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