Friday, May 22, 2015

Dubble Trubble! - Part II

Victim #2: Zuriel Bedlam

When I discovered hot pornstar Zuriel Bedlam had a strapping new bod and he had a job as a waiter in the cafe that my Sis and I frequent, I called her right away.  We met for a coffee, situating ourselves right in front of the window.  Our buff waiter couldn't miss us sitting there all showered and fresh in our hot summer dresses.  Partee and I were ready for a night of steamy adventure and we had definite plans for this night..

It wasn't long before our beefy waiter made his way outside to take our orders.  You could just feel the excitement in the air.  I certainly could.. and I know Sis could, too..

Being the sharp and savvy women that we are, Partee and I rent a small flat above the cafe for relaxation and entertaining.  Wasting no time, we talked Zuriel into taking a break.  We led him up the back stair for a nice sunset visit  ;)

Once we were all settled, we suggested the late day heat might make us sleepy and maybe we should remove our dresses in order to stay cool.  And you know, Zuriel was so supportive and encouraging.  It was shaping up to be a nice little get together..

Well, the banter became a bit bawdy and the feeling in the room was palpably warmer.  I slipped onto the sofa with Zuriel and Sis and things just progressed easily from a friendly visit into an intimate encounter..

Before Partee and I knew what was happening, Zuriel had pushed us to our knees on the floor and he..  well, he..  well just see for yourselves!..

Wow, I was nearly overwhelmed by the force this chiseled man could deliver, but Sis saved me by holding me and coaxing him to go even harder and deeper..  Really, what are sisters for but to come to our aid in times of need?..

One good turn deserves another so I returned the favor, holding her while he had his way with her and then some..  I was very supportive of them both..

I quietly watched and learned as Partee expertly helped Zuriel through his Big Las Vegas Finish.  Because Round 2 was just about to begin.  My turn..

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