Monday, June 1, 2015


I took Rachel..  Because I could.  I took Rachel to my dungeon..  Because I wanted to.  Rachel had no say in the matter and I had no regard for her opinion anyway.  You see, Rachel had been acting up.  She was playing up her role in a shoot we did together where she was a cop and I was a hooker arrested by her..  And used by her.  So, I arranged a little payback scene.  I took a few photos to help me savor the adventure in days to come.  I'll share them here with you if you like.  Have a look..

Rachel..  taken..  subdued..  mine..  we begin

I rest awhile and consider my many options..  I decide to cage her above and let her stew.

I leave Rachel bound, caged and alone..  I go do a modeling shoot and some shopping.

I return in a few hours and take Rachel down from the cage..  We have a nice talk.

I explain her place to her and she seems to begin to understand but I want to be certain she gets it.

So we have a little sit-down and I cover!  Every!  Detail!  of Rachel's!  New!  Rules!

After which she behaves in just the fashion I desire.  She's trying to be a good girl.

It's a very long day of training and Rachel tires but I still have no regard for her opinion so we continue.

Long into the night we review Rachel's duties.. over and over and over again.

And wouldn't you know that by sunrise Rachel completely understands her place.
Payback is only a bitch if you're on the wrong side of it  ;)

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