Saturday, April 9, 2016


I love blonde jokes!  So send me your favorites via NoteCard inworld and I'll try to post the best of them.

Photo with Chloé Cotton by me ♥  -Ali

Blonde Joke of the Week

So I was logged into Second Life and IM chatting with my little one Chloé (we're both RL blonde), when with no warning *flicker-flicker-poof!* my RL power went out.  This is common where I live - no winds, no storm, no reason - just poof.  Thankfully it came back up after a few minutes and I logged back on.  First thing, I IM'd Chloé again:

[17:06] Ali (ali.lancrae): lectric went out
[17:06] Ali (ali.lancrae): :(
[17:06] Chloé Cσttoη (chloe82xx): uhoh
[17:06] Ali (ali.lancrae): yeah, it's like living in Baghdad here
[17:06] Chloé Cσttoη (chloe82xx): is it back yet then?
[17:07] Ali (ali.lancrae): i'll check
[17:07] Chloé Cσttoη (chloe82xx): ok let me know

Yes, that did happen  ^^

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