Sunday, April 3, 2016

Brainy Sluts: HeeChan

I have a Second Life group for my slutty girl friends and myself that I named 'Brainy Sluts'. We use the group to hang out, chat, share shopping and avatar improvement tips, pass along photo and film shoot leads, talk about sexy things, discuss men - and women, to plan our own shoots and to support each other in many many ways. Then there is the secret stuff that I won't tell here because.. it's secret. ;)

We are also all great friends and very close. I want to pay tribute to these amazing ladies and so I'm running a photo series for them here on the Confidential blog. Please enjoy each of the Brainy Sluts as they appear one by one on these pages.

Previously published:
Cream Release:
Chloe Cotton:
Adele Simondsen:
Coco Baran:
Sonrisa Seminario: 
Rachel Avro-Fox:
Partee Mytili:

And now, we continue with HeeChan! 

Rocket Scientist Hee

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