Monday, November 30, 2015

Confidential Men

A New Series Coming Soon to Confidential, featuring: Men!


Mmm.. that's right, I'll be inviting all sorts of men into the Confidential Studio 'Male Room' for a cozy chat and some candid photos.  We'll settle right down together on the Man Cave couch and conduct an interview.  Look for stars, newcomers and even some interesting men from outside the industry.  We'll chat about whatever seems hot and I'll snag a photo or two to share right here on the!

~ Look for this series soon on Porn Star Confidential ~


  1. That looks like an interesting and worthwhile project, Ali. We do have some great characters among the male contingent lol.

  2. Do the men from outside the industry HAVE to be interesting?

    If so, I guess I can whistle!