Monday, June 27, 2016

Nude World Tour 2016 ∙ Stop No. 2

  Continuing the Nude World Tour!  I'll visit different places in Second Life and snap nude photos to share with you along with a little description and maybe sometimes an anecdote if something hot or fun happens on the tour.  Please enjoy!

Stop No. 2 on the tour ∙ Naked (Adult):

   To start with let's just say that Naked is vast. Really. It contains nine regions and that's a lot of real estate - and a lot of places to see and things to do, too!

They are:
Naked (the main Sim)
The Naked Rocks
Bare Naked Angels
Naked Bondage
The Naked Ocean
Naked Sailing
Naked Sea
The Naked Depths
Naked Edge

You must be naked at Naked, which makes sense. And if you are super shy you can wear bikini bottoms. A cool feature is that shoes, wings, jewelry and accessories are okay, too.

If you like nudity, beaches, sailing, islands, coves, rock formations, hang-gliding, surfing waves, lighthouses, friendly people and even bondage, then you should visit Naked and have a look. That is if you haven't done so already - it's popular!

Photographers: If you join the group you can rez and the sheer size of the place makes for many, many possible shoot locations. I have done two shoots here so far and I'm sure I'll be doing more.

Do explore Naked - you will be pleasantly surprised!

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