Thursday, June 2, 2016

Brainy Sluts: Ali Lancrae

I have a Second Life group for my slutty girl friends and myself that I named 'Brainy Sluts'. We use the group to hang out, chat, share shopping and avatar improvement tips, pass along photo and film shoot leads, talk about sexy things, discuss men - and women, to plan our own shoots and to support each other in many, many ways. Then there is the secret stuff that I won't tell here because.. it's secret. ;)

We are also all great friends and very close. I wanted to pay tribute to these amazing ladies and so I've run a photo series for them here on the Confidential blog. I hope you enjoy each of the Brainy Sluts as they appear one by one on these pages. There is one final Brainy Slut posted below and that's all of us.
Brainy Sluts are So Much Fun ∙ Collect the Whole Set ∙ Trade with Friends!

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Coco Baran:
Sonrisa Seminario: 
Rachel Avro-Fox:
Partee Mytili:
Erin Celestalis:
Ashley Sugarplum:
Anyka Aiséirí:
Marika Svenson:

And now, we finish up with, well.. me - Ali  :)

Ms. President Ali Lancrae

  Special thanks to my Mr. Lewinsky Oval Oral Office intern: Don Roodborst


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