Monday, June 13, 2016

Nude World Tour 2016

A bit of a new feature.  I have embarked on a Nude World Tour!  I'll visit all kinds of places in Second Life and snap nude photos to share with you along with a little description and maybe sometimes an anecdote if something hot or fun happens on the tour.  Please enjoy!

Stop No. 1 on the tour ∙ The Turkish Baths (Adult):

This was a beautiful place with just the perfect vibes.  From the detail rich, well made structure to all the wondrous appointments inside - bathing pool, statues, open areas and more private rooms all with an impressive assortment of furniture and poses for every craving and kink - to the gorgeous sky and indoor mellow-seductive lighting and the uniquely soothing and mesmerizing music stream, to the really warm people, the Baths had it all for anyone wanting to take a nice time-out and indulge desires for escape and maybe some carnal adventure.

Sadly, just after my visit the Baths closed, but they have closed and reopened before.  I hope it will reopen soon and if it does, do not miss a trip to this spot!

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