Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Newcomer: Sharon Castillione

  I met Sharon Castillione when she contacted me to introduce herself, explaining that she is a friend of one of my own close friends and sister Brainy Slut, Tara Sweets.  Sharon and I chatted and I discovered that she was keen on exploring the porn world in Second Life.  She already had a Flickr page with some photos up.  When I asked Sharon where she wanted to go from there she seemed confident about wading in deeper.  She asked me if i would shoot a set or more of her and I agreed.  As soon as the shoot started I decided to make an introduction blog post using the photo set.  

Sharon was a dream model all the way through the process, always arriving on time and prepared for anything I might ask of her.  I found her to be skilled in making changes and adjustments to her look on the fly.  She was always right there with me.  She has a great eye and made very positive suggestions here and there.  If that isn't enough she's a pleasure to be around and to work with.  

Please help me welcome Sharon and enjoy a few photos below from our session where we just made things up along the way and captured the moments.

Introducing: Sharon Castillione (Sharon Summerwind)

Highly Recommended

Can I Help You?

Surfer Girl

Come Out Here and Say That

Please Come In

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