Friday, March 17, 2017

Confidential Men: Larry Vinaver

  Larry Vinaver needs no introduction for most of the people here in the Second Life porn community.  Larry's a big star.  I've had the pleasure of appearing on projects that Larry was also in, although I think we've only ever posed together for one photo, by Erin Celestalis for a calendar.  Larry and I have talked about how we've both been so active for years and just not really had a big shoot or a film together.  Well, I decided to have Larry up to the studio for a Confidential Men interview and discuss this odd fact with him.

It turned out I was a bit harried on the night Larry visited.  I had been thinking that I spend a lot of time at the studio and I've been getting really tired lately, but I never want to leave while there is more work to do.

And then it just hit me - I needed a bed at the studio!  I shopped within the hour and placed an order.
The night of Larry's interview, the Red Bed was delivered literally minutes before Larry arrived..

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   But we managed to get started on time and as I shot his arrival photo I mentioned the close call with the bed delivery to Larry while assuring him that my mind was no longer on the bed but on his interview.  I settled down to work and framed up the shot thinking that Larry looked really great.  So distinguished and confident.. and tall.. and, well.. experienced..  *click*

*     *     *

   We took a seat inside the Confidential Men set.  I asked Larry if he wanted to begin the interview on any particular subject.  He joked that he'd like to start the interview on my new bed.  And when I didn't laugh he must have sensed that I was considering his idea.  A slow smile appeared on Larry's lips and he said, "I mean if you want to show me, of course"..  *click*

*     *     *

   And I did.  It seemed the perfect way to manage the evening.  I needed to relax and I was so wanting to try the bed and see if it was as comfortable as advertised.  As I led Larry over to the bed I noticed he had left his shirt on the couch.  And right then my dress got so tired it just fell right off me.  We climbed onto the bed and Larry confessed that he had another interview request..  *click*

*     *     *

   Not only is Larry a big star, distinguished and confident, tall and experienced, but he also has the best ideas.  In a breathy voice I agreed.  And in a blur we shifted around and just like that I was riding that famous mustache, Larry's tongue explaining to my nethers that I was in for it good.  And what a 'talking to' it was!  I sat there for a long.. long time staring at the amazing bounty I was soon to receive..  *click*

*     *     *

  And receive I did!  I received all through that long night of Larry's interview, learning so much about him that I never would have learned from a standard interview.  The exciting part was that Larry learned about me, too.  Over and over we learned.. and as we did I thought what a nice addition to the interview process this was.. my new Red Bed..  *click*


  1. Fabulous work, Ali, a real pleasure and privilege to visit and become part of this fabulous set ! Thank you so much for your time xoxoox

  2. Love it Ali... Larry Baby!! Kisses Love You!

  3. Thank you so much, and kisses xoxoxoxox