Sunday, April 30, 2017

Confidential Men: Cody

  Cody came to my attention recently and I thought, Now there is a hot prospect for a Confidential Men interview.  We chatted a bit at parties and I suggested maybe he could come up to the studio.  He was very positive about it so we Friended.  I tend to get a little busy and days turned into weeks until one day I had free time.  I decided to give it a try and I asked Cody if he was also free.  When he said he could come for the interview I realized I had not prepped the studio for a new shoot.  So I invited him up to the penthouse to discuss how we could approach his interview and shoot..

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 Cody arrived at sunset looking relaxed, confident and handsome.  I thought what a great combo that is, really.  I welcomed him to my penthouse, apologizing for not having the studio set ready.  He was very understanding and I invited him to come in and have a seat so we could discuss our plans..  *click*

*     *     *

 Cody settled onto my couch and I don't know what came over me, but I proceeded to just boldly sit on his lap and stare into his hot eyes.  He didn't mind at all.  He asked me if I was comfortable (yes, I was) and just like that his hand wandered up under my dress.  I allowed that and so he made an immediate proposition..  *click*

*     *     *

 Not one to stand in the way of a man with a plan I accepting Cody's proposition. There ended any thoughts of an interview.  Cody is not a shy man, let me tell you.  In no time he had me catching my breath with my head spinning and trying to keep pace.. I mean just a few moments ago I was greeting him at the door and now..  now..  well..  I did still have my camera handy..  *click*

*     *     *

 With both our pretenses and our clothes dropped we conspired to make the most of the moment.  This would be a quickie that I would remember for a long, long time.  Like a penetrating interview..  *click*

*     *     *

 The thing about conspiring is that it just feels so damned good.  Like therapy for a tender condition.  It's basic math, really.. one plus one equals heaven.  I never imagined I could be lost on my own couch but that night I was completely lost in it.  A secret co-conspirator on a noble mission to expose pleasure..  *click*

*     *     *

 It struck me that men sometimes have the best ideas.  I asked Cody if we had created a conspiracy theory and he pointed out that it's only a theory if it didn't really happen.  I would have pondered that but by then my brain wasn't the focal point of my world, tho Cody managed to find that point, demonstrating an intense focus.  I was keen to respond and it was then that I realized just how much I love this series.. Interview or not..  *click*

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  1. Great work, Ali; Cody is a great and talented star in the SL Adult business with a good eye for fashion.